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OM handpan microphone

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Active Pickup for Handpan amplification is an active pickup designed specifically for instruments such as Handpans and Pantams, as well as for most kinds of steel tongue drums instruments.

OM handpan microphone is designed to amplify and record musical instruments. Working with a pickup is simple and intuitive. Can be plugged in directly to sound mixer or amplifier or you can use it with effect pedals, processors, preamps and else - with any device that has 48V phantom power. 

Pickups have magnets inside so you can mount it at any place of your handpan.

Main features

  • Noiseless
  • Active pickup - this means that the sound reproduced by such kind of microphone is cleaner and stronger
  • XLR output - professional solution, allows using of longer cables without extra hum
  • Pickup needs 48V phantom power, like most of professional microphones
  • Ease of use and versatility - the OM microphone has a built-in magnet, so it can be easily used with 99,99% of handpans and tongue drums
  • Flexible sound adjustment - you can fix the pickup anywhere - on top or bottom side, and get more sharp or more smooth sound
  • Quiality built - OM pickups have full aluminum body with built-in electronics