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Active pickups for handpans - 2 pieces

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2 Orbis Mage Active Pickups for Handpan amplification

Orbis Mage is an active pickup designed specifically for instruments such as Handpans and Pantams, as well as for most kinds of steel tongue drums instruments. Orbis Mage is designed to amplify and record musical instruments. Working with a pickup is simple and intuitive. Orbis Mage pickup can be plugged in directly to sound mixer or amplifier or you can use it with effect pedals, processors, preamps and else - with any device that has 48V phantom power. Pickups have magnets insde so you can mount it at any place of your handpan. We recommend to mount 2 pickups at the opposite sides of the bottom of your handpan. But you can choose any place on the top or bottom side. 


  • Noiseless 

  • Active pickups - this means that the sound reproduced by such sensors is cleaner, stronger. Pickup needs 48V phantom power, like most of professional microphones

  • Ease of use and versatility - the sensors have a built-in magnet, which allows them to be used with the vast majority of handpans and tongue drums.

  • Flexible sound adjustment - the pickup can be fixed anywhere in your instrument, so you can adjust the sound by placing the pickups on different sections of your handpan or tongue drum

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