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Handpan Universal Stand

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  • Universal stand - works perfect with any type of handpan or tongue drum
  • Adjustable height - for people from 5 to 7 feet height, can be used to play sitting or standing
  • Safe - Sputnik stand has ring with soft pads on top so you can use this stand even with double sided handpans - it won't damage the dimples or tongues
  • Durable - telescopic legs are made of thick hard aluminum
  • Stable
  • Compact - 50x30 cm when disassembled
  • Simple to use - several seconds to adjust the needed height


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Durable. Safe. Universal. Compact. Simple.

    These five principles guided me in creating this stand. What I really wanted - to create the stand that will fit ANY handpan or tongue drum (pantam, tongue pan, tank drum) and it could be used by any person - from tiny girls to large men. I tested it with dozens of handpans and tongue drums and it works perfectly. You can play it sitting on the chair or standing up, you also can disassemble the legs and put the top part on a table. Universal Handpan stand can be used in a studio, at home, or on a stage. It is made of durable thick aluminum and plywood top ( with soft pads on it). Aluminum legs are very durable (pipe has 2 mm thickness, 5 times more than telescopic legs which are used for cameras, projectors, and other musical instruments).

  But the most essential feature is the shape - the ring has the radius of curvature that repeats the shape of the most handpans and has soft pads for protecting the handpan. Thanks to this design handpans lay tight on the pads and the load is distributed evenly around the entire perimeter of the instrument. That was made for using this handpan stand with double-sided instruments - handpans or tongue drums. No "horns" and metal or wooden sticks that damage your beloved sound sculpture. You can store and play a double-sided handpan (tongue drums) absolutely safely.
  The ring could be assembled or disassembled very fast and one can adjust the height. I tested it sitting on the chair and standing, I also asked my friends with different heights to test the stand - it works fine with most humans, from 5 to almost 7 feet height.