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Handpan Magnetic Holder

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Do not know where to store your handpans? Orbis Magneto is a unique holder we designed for handpans and tongue drums. It should be mounted on the wall and can be used with most of handpans, tongue drums, and tongue pans. Now your favorite instrument can safely delight your eyes instead of being hidden in its case. We made Magneto stand of steel and aluminum. Ten strong neodymium magnets inside it hold any pan firmly and allow to put the instrument at different angles. Perhaps, you would like to play your pan using this stand?  You can do it!


Our holder is safe for your handpan - you never damage the damples or tongues on the rear side. Orbis Magneto can be used with handpans and tongue drums of any size - from small D=30cm tongue drums to massive D=60cm handpans


Tips for using Magneto holder:

  1. Make sure that your instrument is made of magnetic steel. Just test it with any magnet. 99,9% of all handpan and tongue drum instruments are made of magnetic steel but please make sure before ordering Orbis Magneto
  2. Mount the holder on the wall. We put 3 types of mounting screws in the package (for concrete or brick wall, for wooden walls, and for drywall). Choose the screws and mount the holder to the wall (or you can find another type of screw in your local store)
  3. If you want to play using Orbis Magneto, please choose the right height before mounting it on the wall
  4. Test the holder - shake it with hand or hang the bag on it. Please do not use the holder as a swing! It is durable enough but please do not use it in such way
  5. Put your instrument on the holder. You can slightly shift it on the holder for a better look. 
  6. If you want to take off the pan from the holder, just take your pan in hands and pull one side towards you. Or hold the instrument and shift it to one side

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