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Handpan bicolor rope decoration

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Handwoven rope decoration (rope edging).Our edgings are made and colored by hand from natural material - jute fibre. Rope decoration could be ordered for any tongue drums or handpans. So as to order you should contact us and send the diameter of your instrument. Some handpans are equipped with our rope decorations by default  (for example, OMana handpans). This decoration does not affect the sound but gives the more comfortable feel and look for the instrument. Rope edging can be easily worn or removed.


  • Length - custom (150 cm by default that suits 53 cm diameter drum)
  • Materials: jute
  • Metal or plastic furniture
  • 35 cm (Freezbee size)
  • 43-45 cm (Neo size)
  • 50-51cm (Guda 2.0 size)
  • 53 cm (Omana size)
  • 55 cm (Shellopan size)
  • 57-58 cm (Halo size)
  • Custom sizes

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