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Multi Fx Box effect pedal

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Multi Fx Box is the multi effects pedal that combines various features and could be used with different musical instruments, such as handpans, tongue drums, acoustic and electric guitars, basses, keys, etc.

Multi Fx Box is made from single piece of massive wood (ash, oak or maple) and loaded with preamp, 2 band EQ, 3 different effects, control knobs and footswitches. It has 220 V or 110 V power supply and it is easy to use

  • Specially developed preamp improves and boosts the sound of connected instrument
  • 2 band active EQ helps to get the proper sound for each insstrument
  • Reverberation effect gives more freedom and volume or your sound  (Reverb effect has additional control knobs inside the box)
  • Delay effect is the powerful instrument for sound ...
  • Chorus effect
  • You can use effects separately or together
  • 9 knobs for adjusting your sound. (additional 2 knobs on the plate inside)
  • 2 footswitches allow to control your playing without ...
  • Beautiful body made of natural wood that and the stainless steel cover


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